Wise in someone’s eyes

The wise person seems a notch above everyone else. They are the philosophers who theorize about what life is about. They think thoughts too lofty for everyone else. So, the ordinary person sneers at them and calls their wisdom wise men’s jive, as if they aren’t as intelligent as they seem. Their wisdom is jive, jive being worthless to everyday living.

Others think a wise person is a revered part of life, be that in folklore, myth, culture, and fiction. But so often in life itself, they consider being wise or a wise person valued. If one is wise in everyday life, that’s highly esteemed to them.

There’s a problem with wisdom when one becomes wise in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. A good dose of healthy scepticism does wonders, when one isn’t being wise in their own eyes, and so gets on with the job with good old-fashioned humility and making sure it’s done well. Being proud of one’s wisdom may cut corners and therefore make mistakes.

Thinking your wise because others say you are is folly. Thinking others are wise is short sighted when what the person admired for his wisdom needs is better judgment or knowledge.

So, there’s a subtlety to being wise. On the one hand it’s despised. It’s also admired. The person who is wise may think they are wise and get proud. And others who think someone is wise may find a lack of judgment in the same person. Occasionally, there are gems of wisdom among the dross.

But true wisdom is found in not being wise in your own eyes or in the eyes of others. In being ‘unwise’, you are bound to pay more attention to the details of things that need attending to, rather than cut corners because you think one’s way is the right way, but you end up with a shameful mistake.


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