Cheap tricks

Whether or not the 1983 movie Krull is faithful to the mythology around the Cyclops, I don’t know. All I know, is that I heard the following about them in the 1983 fantasy movie Krull.

The Cyclops did a deal with the Beast, the film’s monster. The deal was for the Cyclops to see into the future. For this, the Cyclops exchanged their two eyes for one.

But the Beast tricked the Cyclops. Instead of having the ability to see many things about the future, they only saw the future of their death. They knew when they would die. What a sad outcome.

Tricks on the mind can be subtle. They promise something that sounds good, but end up worse off.

The Cyclops was tricked like the Serpent tricked Adam and Eve in paradise. The Serpent promised knowledge like God, but they wound up worse than when they began.

A trick of the mind will lure us in with an empty promise that isn’t really going to be fulfilled. It may be that it is too good to be true.

One’s lust may want something more than what common sense would say.

It’s helpful to know the difference between a real promise and a false one, but how? Ask yourself, do you really need it? Could the Cyclops have gotten along fine without seeking knowledge of future events? I think so.


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